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RazerGold PIN 250

Purchase Razer Gold and enjoy gaming deals . Available in India on to Re..

Rs. 250.00

RazerGold PIN 500

Purchase Razer Gold and enjoy gaming deals . Available in India via Topup Meth..

Rs. 500.00

RazerGold PIN 1000

Purchase Razer Gold and enjoy gaming deals . Available in India on to Re..

Rs. 1,000.00

RazerGold PIN 3000

Purchase Razer Gold and enjoy gaming deals . Available in India on to Re..

Rs. 3,000.00

RazerGold PIN 5000

Purchase Razer Gold and enjoy gaming deals . Available in India via Topup Meth..

Rs. 5,000.00

Purchase Razer Gold Gift Card and enjoy gaming deals. Available in India at

How to Reload Razer Gold in India

1. Visit the official website 
and login to your Razer account by entering your email and password. If you do not have an account, click to register.

2. Click

3. Click on PIN

4. Enter your Voucher PIN Code 

5. Enter your OTP number and click on the "Confirm" button. 

6.  You have successfully reloaded your account.


For those customers who want to enjoy the best deals on games, we at Digistore offer some of the biggest and the most exclusive deals. The virtual credit or Razer Gold Pin can take you to places as it allows you access to non-stop gaming entertainment. You can buy the currency from us and set your heart blazing with the speed of the game.

Our offers on Razer Gold Pin and Mol Point Wallet

Why is Digistore the best place to buy Razer Gold Pin? 

  • You can play the games you love at better rates.
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  • Get discount vouchers and the game keys for multiple games and apps.


How to redeem the code

We follow a streamlined method of redeeming the code of Razer Gold Pin. You can take a quick glimpse at the method.

  1. When you buy the virtual and unified credit from us, we can send you an email with a complete set of instructions.
  2. The email will include the redeem code and you have to click on this option as you sign in to the account.
  3. Once you redeem the code, we can load the cash into your account to let you play the game.

Cash with Mol Point Wallet

The online mobile payment method is the best item to replicate physical cash and Digistore is the most trusted destination dealing with a series of offers in this e-payment system. You can buy molpoint using a phone from our store to boost your online gaming credits with ease. The system favors the intention of the gamers to use the money for multiple games. Our offers are based on cash and offer you the opportunity to get the mol points from our online store.

Nothing compares to the efficacy and the convenience of mol online payments and we are here to fulfill your requirements in a jiffy. Our efforts have kept the gaming ecosystem at the top of the line and the quality of the products speak volumes about us.

Make your way

The gaming enthusiasts can balance their liveliness and brouhaha with our exclusive offers of mol points.

  • For getting back the worth for every penny you purchase, rely on our mol online services to get the most.
  • You can top up with mol points with Digistore as we are an online service provider with the recognition of the best customer support services.
  • Nothing can stop you from making the in-game purchases with our offers for mol points.


Customer service 

We have the mol point price list ready for the customers to compare and make the purchase easily. So, ready to get showered with an array of offers with us. Any difficulties you face during the purchase of this wallet system can be readily resolved with our overactive customer support team. You can contact us anytime and we will be happy to meet your needs effectively. You have to contact us with the following information to meet your needs.

1. Razer Gold pin

2. Number of the order you placed

3. Details of the mail used for the order.

Digistore exhibits a pioneering action in selling gaming products. Forget the sloppy activities of the stores selling similar products. To top up molpoints our online platform is the best you can choose. With a congregation of virtual gaming wallets, you can make the most of our offers. We are in line with the top-notch stores selling the gaming products and intend to extend high quality of assistance to the customers. Our user experience is unparalleled but there are miles to go for making it better.